Monday, July 13, 2009

How 'bout a compromise?

Hello friends!

How 'bout a compromise? Instead of telling you all that I am STILL super busy trying to get all of my posting and other things done, how 'bout I feed you with a few pics, some listing goodies and a quick update? This way you still get your daily dose and I get a small way to "do it all". Sound fair? Sweet!

Ok so here goes....

Today's "morning" listing is some FAB Sunny Skies Loopy Dings earrings! I really LOVE this pair! They are so bright and cheery like those amazingly sunny days with bright blue skies and white puffy clouds with some super sunshine!
I really love the colored reflection I got off of the shiny white table in this pic!

Remember that testing I was busy doing? Here is the glass for that project! I always love getting these kind of boxes in the mail! :D

What have I been making recently? Remember my super cute water bottle identifier? I made one for Holly and Brandon too. I am pretty sure you can tell who's is who's ;)

A girl after my own heart! It turns out Holly loves lime green and aqua too :)

Look what I got from Sue for my b-day!!
Isn't is SO pretty? I just love chubby hearts! Sue makes the most amazing seed beaded projects! You can find some of her items at Bead Boutique here in KC. You can either collect some of her wonderful pieces or sit down for a class with her! Check out Bead Boutique's class listings and give them a ringy dingy to sign up!

I had a most fantastic b-day on the 11th incase you all wondered! I will have a b-day update later this week to tell you all about it!

Much love,



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