Monday, July 27, 2009

Eye for Hippies

Hello friends!

Today I have one of my Eyegasm beads. Why eyegasm? Well I am obsessed with eyes and this bead is pretty darned amazing if I do say so myself! There are multiple layers of transparents that give it such depth. This little beatuy is apricot orange and layers of limey greens.
Today's SNEAK PEEK item is a hippy swirl peace sign. I named this piece because it reminded me of this swirly glittery liquid I had seen once in downtown Kansas City called "It's a Beautiful Day." The base of this happy little peace sign is a light periwinkle with an electric dark lime peace sign. Hippy swirl on the back is glittery orange.
Back view.

So it looks like Mom is whisking me away to do some errands before I get on with my day. I have to get to the gym and get some beads done. I might just work on some fallish stuff for the Bokamo show. I was looking through my bead stash to see what I wanted to take to the show and came across some awesome fall stuff I had tucked away.

I did get some more pictures of my garden and plants that I will be uploading later. I hope I can get it done today, but if not keep an eye out for them during the week.

Have a sunny day!

Much love,



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