Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Focals and Retro Daisies

Hello friends!

It is fantastically gloomy and rainy this morning! I love days like this. :D I want to stay indoors and be creative :)

Today's early listing is a mock vessel with raked rose canes and bubbles in deep jewel tones.Today's late listing SNEAK PEEK item is another focal piece from an organic cave unnamed series I was working on. This bead is packed with interesting treasures from every angle with dichro, raku, silver leaf, silvered ivory, raku, murrini, goldstone and a healing hand on the front and eye on the back.

Well as you might have noticed I didn't get up the garden pictures yesterday like I had hoped. Running errands with my mom took up most of my afternoon. Then I went to the gym, showered, ate, made beads and then it was time to run off to pick Ricky up from work. Does anyone else feel like there just isn't enough time in the day?!

I didn't get to work for a long time yesterday, but I did manage to get a set of Retro Daisies done! I remade a set from last year with a base of chocolate brown , lime green and aqua dots and retro daisies. Here is a photo of the first set of beads.

Aren't they awesome?! I really love the colors together!

Well I am being called to breakfast! I wonder what my gourmet chef made me this morning? :D

We are doing the Zone eating plan and doing Cross fit work outs. Now before you totally turn away about the Zone eating plan just know it's not a crash course diet. It is a balanced way of eating eliminating some process carbohydrates. Crossfit is a different approach of working out for strength. It is really amazing.

Oh! Better go! I just got called for breakfast again!

Much love,



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