Monday, July 13, 2009

Green thumb

Hello friends!

Whoops! I totally forgot to give you your sneak peek for this evenings Etsy offering! Some super yummy and BRIGHT "Sour Fizz" tendril earrings! You know how I love green and bright! These earrings are so light weight and so much fun to wear!

How about some more pics? Want to see what I was busy doing? I did all of this in one afternoon!Remember when Ricky dug out the hole for our garden? Well he never did move those clumps of earth to a pile in the back yard. I thought it was finally time to move the clumps so we could actually mow over the whole yard again. This is a pic of the flat ground :D

So you are probably wondering where I put all of those clumps of dirt right? Well we pulled out the empty koi pond since it was a mosquito humping ground and I filled the hole with dirt! :D
Our garden was looking pretty sad so I searched the whole yard and found enough bricks to line the garden. It's still pretty ghetto, but you work with what ya got right?!
Here is some cabbage. The leaves are this really pretty soft green. I really like their color. Too bad some buggies have been eating them and now they are pretty full of holes. Looks like I need to get some soapy water to treat them. I think the plant on the right is our spinach. Since we did a horrible job of marking where the good plants were it's hard to tell what's what. I am thinking it's spinach cause it is way more
Looks like it would be a vineing veggie right? I did some searching and i am pretty sure it's pigs weed. It doesn't look like the other pigs weed that was just one straight stem, but the leaves are the same and it had a red root base. I pulled it. I figure if nothing else we will have tomatoes and pablanos!

Here is another pic of our tomato mile. This actually has some t-posts and wire inbetween all of the tomatoes now. We are going to coax them to bush out around the wire so we don't have to cage them all. Our little baby matos even have FLOWERS! *beams* *shows off fancy green thumb*

I moved a seedum spout to the left corner and moved all of our baby lilac bushes. Two were pretty sturdy looking and the other 2 look pretty sad. I figured if our tomato plants could grow back after being stripped down to a stem maybe our little lilacs could get stronger and grow up big and strong in some sunshine on the east end of the house :) I will keep you posted on their progress.

Here are our 99 cent butterfly seeds. They look like weeds, but they are totally bushy greenery with little baby flowers :D They are getting nice and tall reaching for some sunshine :D

Well Ricky just got home so I am going to go chat with him. Have a wonderful evening!

Much love,



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