Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday Re-cap

Hello friends!

Wow! I had such a fantastic birthday! I started the day by going with Holly and Brandon to find the Fresher than Fresh Snowcone trailer! They have the most wonderful all natural flavored snowcones! We did one of their "Flight of Freshness" which is a little smackrel of 5 different flavors. We of course had to try them ALL since it was our first time and all. Mmmmmm. I totally couldn't pick a favorite! They were all so yummy! The staff was super friendly and sweet! Man were they BUSY! There was a line all the way through the garden! You know people must have been really enjoyed their tasty treats to stand outside in 98 degree heat to have a snowcone! So if you are local you just HAVE to go try their tasty treats! I promise you will be so happy you did.

Next I met up with my mom to get my tosies done! Ahhhh.. it really is a treat to get a spa pedicure!If you really want your feet pampered you need to check out American Nails! They had amazing chairs with a hot bubbly tub with a light that changed colors and a massaging chair. Not only do they give you a nice long massage from your knees to your toes, but they do really pretty designs too!

Next my good friend Lucas too me to my FAVORITE sushi restaurant Mr. Lee's! I had to get my very favorite roll, Granny roll with red snapper and soft shell crab, miso soup and their house salad! I grabbed my sushi to-go and headed home to await my guests.

When I got home we hung out until people trickled in. Mom made my very favorite triple chocolate cake and raspberry cheesecake! They even brought little snackies for everyone :) The rest of the night was spent hanging out with friends, eating cake, snacking, and drinking.

I got some fantastic presents! I got some yummy chocolate truffles, 3 bars of Zum soap, a Zum candle!(Zum is one of my very FAVORITE local companies that makes the most wonderful things for your body!), some wonderful all natural body products from The Super Salve Company ,Victoria's Secret Pink perfume, lotion and a yummy pineapple orchid candle, a Nintendo Wii and Mario Galaxy from my daddy(he was so proud for his daughter to ask for videogames since that is his love), a Wii fit, Wii controllers, a cheshire cat shirt that says "I'm mad, your mad, we're all mad here", a Disney cheshire cat shirt, sticky notes with a "G" on them, a tiara, wand, cupcake chapstick and a little furry large eyed pet from Claire's! *Whew* Did I get them all?!

I was even added to a July 11th Birthday Treasury on Etsy!

This super sweet girl named Starla was the host of the birthday treasury and it was even her 30th b-day too! You can check out her beautiful treasures at her shop Curiousmess.

Today when I saw Kristin of Waking Beauty Designs she brought me some of her FABULOUS fiber earrings and LOADS of glass and tools!

I hope you all have as awesome people as I do to spend time with on your special day!

A big thank you to all of my friends! You all are the best and I don't know what I would do without you!

Much love,



Kristin said...

What an awesome birthday! I hope you don't mind if I snag the pic you took of the earrings I made? I forgot to snap a pic before I gave them to you!

Genea said...

I know!

Of course not, silly! They are YOUR earrings ;) I can even take a better pic. I didn't use my tripod for that pic. I will make you a 4 block pic of 4 diff angles ;)

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