Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Have you been bitten recently?

Hello friends!

I know, it's a late update for me. I got bit by the creative bug this afternoon and then I spent the rest of it taking pictures. So before I go on about my day and other goodies....

Today I have some fab purple, lime and aqua for you!
Here is a fringe bracelet with lots of wonderful pressed czech glass danglies. The bracelet is even adjustable with a super awesome lampwork dangle bead at the end of the chain!

Who doesn't love EDP? Yeah, that's what I thought. And what looks super pretty with EDP? Yep! Lime Green!
This is one of my Love & Harmony ring designs! It features a pretty little lampwork heart, a sweet jingly bell, a yellowy lime cube and a dazzling lavender ab swarovski crystal. They are super fun to wear and make the most magical sound :)

So how's about that inspired piece from this morning? I have been purposfully leaving out my spade drop beads I got from Jane's Fiber and Beads waiting for them to turn into something awesome.
This little baby is an anklet. I was thinking I needed some new ones to match all of the jewelry I wear. Why not all all of the color to one anklet while I dream up some more designs? This one will accomidate most of my clothes :D I even added a bell to the end to I tinkle when I walk :D Incase you didn't notice.. I like BELLS. Why? I am really not sure? Maybe they sing to my soul. Who knows..

I also made this little pretty yesterday to distinguish which water bottle is mine. It turns out Holly and Brandon got the exact same water bottle as me and it was a little difficult to figure out who's was who's. My bottle also blended in with the chrome finish of all of the equipment at the gym and I had trouble finding it a few times. How do we remedy this problem? With beads, of course!!

Pretty huh? It is pretty much like my keychain designs only a tad shorter. Who has the spiffiest watter bottle ever? That would totally be ME <<<< :D

I ended up twisting some glass yesterday that inspired me to make this sweet little bead.
I am calling her "The girl with the sun in her head" after an Orbital song.

Lastly I have a cool bead I wanted to share with you. I forget what they call this "style" bead, but I tried a different base and this is what I got :D:D:D
You should really zoom on this image to see it in it's full glory. It is really ripply and pretty. I named it "water ripples". Since I am a super swell girl I am going to tell you how I made it. I used a purple filligrana and wound a disk. Then you place 4 dots 9like when you make a triangle beads) on each side. I used light aqua for the transparent dots. Then you melt in the dots slowly until the bead goes round. When placing the dots make sure to get them as close as you can to the mandrel. You can put the dot down close to the mandrel and push to the edge of the bead so that it goes from hole to beads end. You will get what I mean when you actually make the bead ;)

Well that's all for today. I think we are working on the fence and tomato climbers today.

Go outside and enjoy the sun :D

Much love,



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