Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Bead Mercantile Show

Hello Friends! Are you ready to hear about my adventure in Sharonville, OH ?!

Here you can see Melissa next to her car. She has a little orange Chevy Aveo. Isn't it amazing how much stuff fits in one?
Here is the first picture of us on the trip. Melissa was the " stand- in bead fairy", and I played myself lol. Ugh.. it was EARLY! I so look my dad in this picture especially since I don't have ANY make up on!
Melissa wanted a picture of us in the car driving so I took one of her and refused to take another. She was lucky she got the first picture of me after waking up early! lol

Did you know that there is actually a city called "Effingham"? LMAO. I about died. I had to take a picture so you all would believe me!
I was trying to keep these in order, but I forget if Effingham is before or after the Mississippi on the way from KC to Ohio... Anyways...

Do you believe the SIZE of this cross?! Now what was that about not constructing false idols?!

Here is the mighty Mississippi! It was SO huge and amazing!
Here is a picture of us going under the bridge. It looked pretty cool :D

I made Melissa one of my huge butterflies and she made it into a rear view mirror pretty. I got to look at it the whole ride :D Isn't it pretty?!

The morning before the show we checked out the continental breakfast coffee and it looked like tea! We decided to get some pre-show grub at the BK Lounge(aka Burgerking). Isn't their coffee funny?! It cracked me up!

Hello Sharonville, OH Bead Mercantile Show!!!

Thanks to Robyn and Jane for putting on this fabulous show! You can see Jane's wonderful shop online if you can't make it to one of their shows.

Here you can see the "stand-in bead fairy setting up our table. This is the right side of the table.

Here is the left side of the table.

Melissa and me at the show the first day :)

Here is one of the cute girls we talked to at our booth. I totally forget her name! I want to say it started with a "K" or "C" like Carrie or something... Anyways, isn't she darling? We were all about her tattoos. She was sweet enough to let us photograph them.

Here is the outside of her arm.

Here is the lower part of her arm on the outside.

Inside of her arm.

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Patti Cahill of Dyed in the Fire Designs! She is so sweet and makes the most colorful, amazingly precise and intricate beads I have seen! She was kind enough to let me snap a picture of her at her booth with all of her creations. If you have not yet gotten one of Patti's beads I encourage you to check out her shop if you can't catch her at one of her shows. Patti Cahill on Etsy

Patti was wearing fabulous jewelry both days, but I just had to snap a picture of her necklace when I found out she had also made all of the little shimmery blue beads! Her entire necklace was lampwork! She made all of the little blue spacer beads and croched them together into this breath taking rope. 4 large holed beads sat in the center and a large tube focal was at the back. Isn't this GORGEOUS?! She is so stink'in talented!!

It was super hard to get a picture of Megan as well! She was also a vendor at the show. I am not sure what the name of her company was, but you can see her in a pic with Melissa :)

After the show we were invited to go with Jane and Robyn to their favorite Vietnamese/ Thai restaurant!
The apetizer we ordered was these fresh spring rolls that were prepared for us as we ordered them! The sweet lady that owns the restaurant also serves you and makes your food.

I tried to catch a picture of the owner, but she was constantly moving. You can see Robyn cracking up! She is such a HOOT! If you get the chance to go out with Robyn and Jane I would strongly suggest it!

Here is another attempt at catching the owner as she was serving us.

I ordered my favorite Thai dish, Panang Curry!

Mmmmm... I can almost taste it just looking at the picture!

After we at at the restaurant Jane and Robyn suggested we go check out Jungle Jim's. It's a huge grocery store that is somewhat like a themepark. It is HUGE and has these animated things all over the inside. Here is a picture of the monorail that was outside of the building.

In the produce department there was a huge boat with - Lucky Charms, The Trix rabbit and the Cheerio's hunny bee!
In the England section Robin Hood sat in the tree tops and talked to you.

On the inside of the asile you could see the inside of the tree Robin Hood guarded with all of the treasures he stole from the King.

Melissa thought it was cool. I thought it was kinda creepy!

Here are some of the funny things you can get while you are there....


Here is Melissa's booty from the show.

Here is what I got. From Left to right- glass strands were from Jane's fiber and beads
Peace Raku pendant was made by Sue from You may have seen her at our local show, The Bead Blast. She makes lovely Raku, but also casts silver pieces and is a silver smith. She had some beautiful things at her booth. We traded for the pendant you see above. Dyed in the Fire Designs, Patti Cahill made the super coloriffic beads. Teeny silver heart charms were from Saki Silver Colored hemp and African trade bread bracelet were from Small and Beautiful beads The African trade bracelet was made to save Darfur. The purchase of the bracelet provided 2 months of education for a student :) I love purchasing things that go to a good cause. I bought the bracelet for Ricky and he just loved it :)

After the show Melissa and I relaxed by making some jewelry. She was super amazing cause she just used a set of my beads and some of the things she brought to make this awesome bracelet for Andrea.

I was, however, not so lucky! I finally came up with an idea, but didn't have what I needed so I deconstructed many things to make the braclet I made for Melissa. No beads were injured in the making of this bracelet!

My side of the table.

Melissa's side of the table with Andrea's bracelet.

Birds-eye view of the table mess.

Pulled open bead drawers.

*Whew* and FINALLY the bracelet! The colors are a bit off since it was taken in flourescent lighting. The blue is actually more of a lavender.

Melissa constructed the chain clasp loop and wire wrapped the button.

The day we left for KC we had some more yummy Burgerking. I thought it was funny that Melissa had one circle and one square cup holder. I guess they made them for things like this!
There were little mushrooms growing in with the flowers by Burgerking. Melissa thougtht it was funny so I clicked a pic.

While we were on our drive back to KC we saw this and had to click it for Robyn!


I hope you enjoyed my trip to the show!

Much love,



Cindy said...

YOu missed it big time, Patti Cahill taught in Omaha, she is an amazing artist, some of my favorite beads! She is a very serious teacher, she makes sure you 'get it'.

Genea said...

Bummer! I guess I will have to catch her another time ;)

Kristin said...

Such great pics! Thanks for sharing it with us! I am very familiar with Effingham, IL. My ex-boyfriend (the guy I dated before my husband) first said "I Love You" at the Steak n' Shake in Effingham. No wonder it didn't work out. Hee hee.

Bojan said...

Great photo blog post.

Genea said...

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! I think living it was more fun :) LOL@Effingham! Yeah, no wonder it didn't work out!

Thank you Bojan! :) I love photographs. They are worth 1,000 words aren't they?!

Kristin said...

Pssst. I tagged you!

Patti Cahill said...

Hi Genea! Sorry it's taken so long -- I'm just now on my way back home after attending a family reunion of sorts in honor of my parents' 50th anniversary. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed our chat! Happy beadmaking!

Genea said...

Hey Patti!

No worries ;)

I hope you had a wonderful time with your family and being "home".

It was such a pleasure meeting you as well and I very much enjoyed our chat!

Please do look me up if you will be in the area and I will do the same.

Blissful Beadmaking to you!

Much love,


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