Monday, June 8, 2009

This weekend ALREADY?!

Hello Friends!

First I will show you the listings since I wrote a novel today! So just incase you just want to see the new goodies you can view those first and then read on if you like ;)
First off I have "Fuchsia Flashes"- these are SO beautiful! They are hot pink with hints of lavender and lime green dot accents. The color is just so saturated and intense! Lentils are also super comfortable to wear!

Next I have an old classic. My Mod Pods!

I have had nothing but compliments on the color combo of brown, avocado green and light blue! The bods are stacked with many, many dots and then raked for texture! Super cool!

Wow do you believe the show is THIS WEEKEND! Eep! I have been busily preparing for it and will continue to do so this whole week until Melissa and I leave on Friday! Incase you want to see what I have been doing.. here are some pictures!

Here are all of the new tags I made for my beads! Gotta have 'em for all of those new beads that are going to the show!

I had a little fun making Melissa and myself special name tag cards pimping out Bead Boutique and Genea Beads :D Here is Melissa's with Bead Boutique pimping on top and orange text, of course, since it's her fav color :D

Here is mine! I know you are totally shocked that it's lime green >:D

After printing 100 of the last card images I thought maybe it would be cooler to have the NEWEST bead designs I have made on the new cards. Above is the image that appears on the card in it's full size image! Don't the beads look AMAZING?! I was SO excited with how well the pic turned out :D
Here is the new card. Again, feel free to use this image to promote Genea Beads and win some FREE beads if someone you referred makes a purchase!

My friend Jennie that has some great marketing skills told me the web and phone should be in black so it pops. Well she was right! It really does jump off the card doesn't it?

Ricky had this fantastic challenge to spend $10 at Target and get something to decorate our house that would make us happy. Look what we got!

I took a pic of the receipt under it so you could verify the price, but the pic is too small to read! The lamp was on sale for like $5.50 and the rug was $3.50 on sale! Sweet huh?!
Here you can see the lamp in it's new home on my bead desk :D Doesn't it look happy with all of it's other lime green friends? :D:D:D

Well I should be going! Lots of pretties to make before the weekend!

Much love,



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