Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fantastic fibers

Hello friends!

I have some warm brown pretties for you today. First I have some Golden Wave Tangled Vine earrings. These are such a wonderful golden tone all around so if you love those wonderful warm earth tones and ambers these would be perfect!
Next I have some of my Crazy 8's Periwinkle Mocha earrings for you. This design came about while I was inspired by another 2 earring designs. These are also another earthy color with some deep purple.
I am excited to present you with my finished fiber "I" cord bracelet too! I worked on it the other night when it was stormy.
Here is the front of the bracelet. I used some neutral khaki coat thread to sew on the beads, but I think next time I will look for something inbetween beading thread and coat thread. I think I would like the stitches to "disappear" a little more. Holly said she really liked the fact that you could see the threads. What do you think?

Here is the back of the bracelet with one of my lampwork freckled daisy bubble buttons. I would suggest wearing this bracelet with the clasp in the front. I thought it might be irritating to have a "sticky outie" on the front and back of the bracelet so I just used the button instead of embellishing with more lampwork.

Last, but not least... Here is a picture of my hippy head wrap that Holly made for me! I am SO in LOVE with my new "hat". I am wearing it as I am typing this :D I always like to save the best for last. I like to do those little build ups. I would even show my lampwork beads to Melissa saving the very best for last :D
Isn't it AMAZING?! I love how the color fades! I even used one of my peace flower buttons to attch both ends together :D

Well I must be on my way. We are working on getting all of those little plants into the ground. I will click some pics so you can celebrate with me!

Much love,



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