Friday, June 5, 2009

Did you know your beadmaker was FAMOUS?

Hello Friends!

Did you know your bead girl was FAMOUS? Wow what a morning! I was up, showered and at the store by 9am for Bead Boutique's commercial shoot! I think that is a first in about a year! Lol. The shoot went really well. You will see your friendliest local bead shop with some of the Andrea, Melissa, some of the bead girls and yours truly! They took some shots of the store and of all of us working on a project. I even got to work on a design with my beads for the shoot! Score! Thanks for the extra promotion, Andrea! I made sure to wear some super fabulous jewelry and be my usual colorful self with grins from ear to ear :D I am not exactly sure when the commercial will air, but I will post and let you all know asap!

Want to see the Genea Beads jewelry and beads that were in the commerical?
My Sunny Mango Heart Burst ring! This baby is getting A LOT of press! It was just in an Etsy treasury and now it was on a commercial!

I wore my fabulous BIB necklace!

You know I HAD to wear the famous new FLORBITALS too! :D

Here is the set that I was pretending to make into a bracelet for the commercial!

Next I have my Etsy offerings for today! I am SO excited to offer my second set of Happy Candy beads on Etsy! This luscious set is full of texture and COLOR! I has a little bit of everything in it as well. It even has a teeny button clasp! Just add a few beads and you will have a FABULOUS bracelet.... or whatever creation you decide to make with them!

Next I have another pair of tangled vine earrings. I named them "satsuma" after the fantastic soap they sell at the body shop! If you have not smelled it, I urge you to go take a whiff!
These are really fantastic. They make me think of really hot weather. They are another fabulous odd lot in a hue of coral with RED swirls and cording with hot orange leaves. What a scortcher!

Ricky and I were trying to figure out the best most cost effective way to get some new cards printed for me for the show. It was going to be $4 to get the dell refilled at the ink store. WHAT?! $40 for the refill???!! We decided that it would just be cheaper to get a new HP printer at Walmart where they stock the cartridges as well. It was only $32 for my new printer. The bummer? It came with a color cartridge, but you needed to buy a black one and a printer USB cord! It was another $20 for the black ink and $10 for the USB cord on sale. So... yeah it was a little bit more expensive that we thought.

I also went out to get more sticker paper for my GB bag and box labels. OMG! Office Depot was the only place that had them and they were $10 for 5 sheets! Can we say highway robbery? After opening the box I realized that the sticker paper was high gloss. They printed out BEAUTIFULLY! No wonder they were so expensive! So that made me pretty happy and less frustrated about the price tag ;)

Here is my new card design!
Feel free to copy this card and distribute! If this image doesnt save well just e-mail me and I will send you the publisher file. If someone makes a purchase and uses you as a referral I will send you some free beads!

Well that about wraps it up for today. I need to get downstairs and make some BEADS!

We have a fun weekend of visiting with Jennie and Brandon tonight, gay pride festival tomorrow and I'm sure we will get together with someone on Sunday!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,


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really nice Genea..
have a great peaceful Sunday

mona & the girls

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Thank you girlies :)

You too!

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