Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New goodies, Designer's jewelry, Aussie fun, and packaging

Hello Friends!

I suppose you noticed that I was MIA again right? I spent the day with mom running errands and spent the evening with friends. :)

So... today I have some new goodies up in my shop for you! I have some fun green and purple items.

First off is another FLORBITAL!
The swirled center is grass green, with some aqua creased petals, a grape purple flower ring around the center and light orange sherbet dots. Yum!

Next I have some more of my Tangled Vine designed earrings! They are made with CiM's awesome Simply Berry purple and grass green swirls! These are nice and dark for those of you that perfer a more jewel toned color palette.
The Simply Berry appears a bit dark in these pictures, but it is a lovely purple with some more red tones to it. It is SO pretty!

Christy Howe came over to my studio yesterday and brought one of her lovely designs using some of my simple dotty spacers. Look at what she did! Isn't is amazing?! How fun! It is super colorful and can be worn with just about anything!
Look what I got at Walmart last night! Aren't these fantastic? I LOVE beachy stuff and especially stuff with hibiscus' and Hawaiian looking things :D I know I would love to get some goodies in this super cute bag!
And now I have to "fluff" while I am waiting for youtube to finish up loading my newest doggie video for you! Lol. I am not a good talk "fluffer". When I am out of info I am just done lol. So.. uh.. yeah... um... how 'bout those Royals.... lol! Ok so maybe I will just be done and wait for this video to finish. It's not like you are going to notice when you read this because you won't be waiting anyways! ;D

Leeloo, Kayla and the hedgehog

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Cindy said...

I love your sense of color, it's playful! I also love your round colorful tags. All the way around I love the colors and the whimsy you surround yourself with.

Genea said...

What a wonderful compliment! Thank you so much, Cindy :)

Color is so important to me. It brings me great joy. My eyes delight in the most intense pigments.

My good friend, Nicole made the logo for me. I am so pleased with them! I feel they are so pretty and also make people familiar with my picture logo, while advertising my shop as well!


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