Thursday, June 11, 2009

The SHOW, NEW listings and NEW bead design!

Hello Friends!

OMG! I can't believe it's Thursday already! We are leaving for tomorrow. So just incase you forgot...

Come see Bead Boutique and me at the Sharonville Convention Center in SHARONVILLE, OH JUNE 13-14TH! Check out their site for more details We hope to see you there!

Next I have today's listings for you. I have some etched emo skull beads and a button clasp in violet!
Here is a sweet little 2 bead set. You could use these 3 beads to do a bracelet type thing with the beads in the front and some silver noodles on the side and beads on the back or you could do a necklace with the skull cube as the focal point and make earrings out of the 2 purple bumpy beads.

If you are feeling extra saucy you could even get this button and use it as the clasp ;) Maybe it would even be fun with some of those felty balls that are floating around in the bead world at the moment ;)

If you are diggin on the button clasps be sure to check out my other button clasps on Etsy while you are shopping. It's super fun to add a pretty lampwork clasp to a lampwork piece of jewelry.

I have a design in the mix, but I need to collect some more leaves for it before making the bracelet. I have some pretty pastel flat daisies with spotty spacers and a daisy peace button for the clasp. It is going to totally rock my sox when I get it done ;)

Oh and last, but not least I have that bead picture for you from the beads I made yesterday. Introducing a spin on my Rainbow Ruffle Ribbon Hearts. Meet "Funfetti Ruffle Ribbon Hearts!"

These little beauties have a transparent core with a colored spiral around the center and funfetti polkadots on the surface. These hears are SO awesome in person. The thick layer of clear makes them SO shiny and reflective. The ruffly ribbons have so much depth too! If you view them from the side you can see all of the colors wave together. SO COOL! If I don't sell out you can expect to see a few in my shop after my return :D

Well as always, I must be off! I want to make a few more Florbitals and After Dark Ruffle Ribbon hearts for the show.

This will be my last blog until my return. I hope to see you at the show!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Much love,



Ashley said...

Good Luck Genea!! Hope it goes well :) By the way I got my return flight home set up! November 17th! Miss you :)

Genea said...

Thank you! It went fantastically! I had some good sales and met some wonderful people!

Oh awesome! I will mark it on my calendar! Have a wonderful time traveling!

Miss you too!

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