Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daily grind, listings, and new facebook page!

Hello Friends!

I know! I'm late! I was kind of groggy this morning when I woke up. I let the dogs out and then stumbled back to my bed and layed down for a few minutes. I probably layed in bed for about another 15 mins before getting up for good. It was one of those things where I got back into bed and since I was somewhat coherent my brain started on overdrive of the days tasks.. ugh..

So I got up and just a few minutes after I was up and moving I heard a knock at the door and was super excited to meet the mailman with my mail and my shipment of beads back from Funky Hannah's along with a check :D I also got my check from Meant to Bead so that was super cool too. It is always like Christmas when I get my beads back from a store. I get out my cup of coffee and excitedly open each carefully wrapped grouping of beads.

After I got this done I poured what was left of my cup of coffee into my travel mug and ran off to Bead Boutique to drop off a cupcake order. Beads of course! ;) I sat up at the shop and talked with Lauri for a bit and cut my tissue paper with their paper cutter. Man I LOVE PAPER CUTTERS. I know, I am weird, but it's totally fun! It's way better than using scissors! I guess it's like chopping therapy lol

I ordered some yummy Chinese from our favorite local Chinese restaurant and had lunch with Ricky.

I just got my listings done and that brings me to here where I am blogging to you as we speak or well as you read ;) I have some SUPER bright yellow, orange and coral items for you today!

WOW is this YELLOW or what?! It's nice and bright! I think this might actually be the color called "bright acid yellow." Ya think?! lol. So anyways, if you like BRIGHT this baby is for you! I am excited to offer some more of my Heart Burst rings! They are just SO much fun!
Next I have this fantastic dangle bracelet. It is super bright and sunshine beachy with TONS of dangles and sparkle!

For those of you Facebookers, I started a Genea Beads Fan page! You can check it out by following this link!

Genea Beads

Become a fan for special updates and sales!

If anyone has any knowledge on doing sales on Etsy in the easiest way possible I am ALL EARS! Your info would be greatly appreciated. I will even make you a special something on top of a sale!

Well I have some testing to do and some beads to make for the show so I had better be off!

Have a fantastic day!

Much love,



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