Monday, June 1, 2009

Coraliscious listings and some Aussie fun

Hello Friends!

I have some super bright corally offerings for you today! I used one of my favorite odd lot batches of Coral- Sunny Mango! I love this batch because it it is a fantastic orange/coral with blushes of pink! Mmmmm!

These beads are so much fun for designs. Since the base is a tab is is flat and super comfortable!

Here is one of the rings that I made out of a similar bead. It is super comfortable and lots of fun to wear! This ring is also currently available in my shop.

and... just for funzies I thought you might like to see what it looks like on. This picture gives you a good indication of it's size while being worn and how far it sticks up off of the top of your finger.

My next offering is one of my Heart Burst rings! This is also lots of fun to wear! It is amazingly comfortable and fun to wear considering it's size. It is a really "check writer" as my friend, Melissa would call it. Those are the rings you wear that look really fancy when you write a check ;)

See all of those pretty pink blushes? Yum! I used some of my favorite colors together-coral, lime, auqa and dark periwinkle!
Here is what it looks like on. I just love these dramatic photos where you make the background black and white and leave the piece of interest colored. :D It makes my eyes happy!

I also have a fun video for you! Who says you can't have fun only spending a dollar?!
Kayla Waterbottle

Well I must be off! I have more goodies to make for the Ohio bead show!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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