Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gloomy is GREAT :D

Hello friends!

Today I have 2 non matching items today.

My first favorite is this cute little Emo skull set, but instead of being my normal 3-d skulls these are a lentil style that can be worn perfectly on a bracelet! In the center is a sad little broken heart :( Awwww... Sometime's love sucks huh? ;)

Next I have a fun little set of my Trapeze earrings. These are some wonderful streaky purple bullseye spacers that swing on teeny tiny sterling chain. They are so dainty and sweet :D

I don't have too much to update today. Still getting ready for the show. It is nice and gloomy today. We are having some wonderful thunderstorms this afternoon. Infact it is SO dark you would think it was like 8pm! Very strange. I guess this is an extra coffee day to not feel sleepy:D I always love rainy days. I feel nice and inspired :D

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Cindy said...

It was freezing in Minneapolis over the weekend at the B&B show.

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