Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New on Etsy and T- is for theft

Hello friends,

I just got my new items up on Etsy. Some SUPER, BRIGHT, YUMMY things today! Another AMAZING super daisy and a multi-layered eye!

I got to a late start this morning and didn't wake up until I received a call from my good friend, Kathy.

Why was I so tired? Well that brings us to T- is for theft. I woke up at 6am because I drank WAY too much water the night before(this new diet we are following requires you to drink 96oz of water a day). When I had settled back into bed Ricky opened the bedroom door to inform me that someone had broken into our car(which was parked in the driveway instead of in the garage)! By "breaking in" I mean they stole things since my hubby LEFT THE DOOR OPEN! *sigh* Now he will stop getting on me for getting on him about LOCKING THE DOORS.

So.. moving on... apparently the burgler rummaged through the glove box and things, but just decided to take Rickys really nice REI outdoor backpack with ALL of his college books in it! They didn't take the radar detecror or cd player or cd's or anything(not that any number of those things is worth anything since they are all old). WTF? Really? Why the hell would you steal the super heavy backpack with all of the books in it? Were they in a hurry? The crappy thing is that the side window that faces our driveway is halfway open because that is where my hibiscus is for the winter to get the most sunlight. That means that they could see right into my house and see that no one was coming when they were rifeling through my vehicle.

Now the really sucky thing is they stole from us when we really had nothing to steal and THE HUBBYS PERSONAL TRAINING FINAL IN VEGAS IS IN TWO WEEKS! ALL of his books that he needed to study were IN THE STOLEN BACKPACK along with his flash drive he used for his school projects! That is just down right shitty if you ask me! Luckily the people at his school are pretty much like a close knit family and Ricky is one of their star students. I pretty much think they will get him back some books or whatever he needs so that he can still study for his final.

So in other news I am kind of doing a hodge podge thing today for bead making. I have an order and a suggestion on trying a glass combo together. My good friend, and customer, Kim suggested I try some different glasses together and see what I get. It's always nice to have other people there to have ideas for you. I am curious to see how they turn out. I will post pictures when I am done.

I never did get to that other color combo I had wanted to try. I ended up being busy with an Etsy transaction, doing an invoice and packing up beads for Funky Hannah's and other office stuff that pretty much kept me busy until Ricky got home. After all that we went to the store to get a few needed things, gas for the car, fruit and the thing I am most excited about GARDENING STUFF!

YEP! We are going to be green thumbs and see what we get! We got one of those little peet moss pot thingies with lots of veggie seeds and some FLOWERS! I will take a snap shot of those and post them in my next entry. I think we are all over due for some pics on my blog instead of just text ;) I mean that IS why you check my blog right? For the eye candy? ;)

Well since I am off to a totally LATE start anyways, I should be on my way.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Kristin said...

OMGosh Genea! That's terrible! At least you guys are both okay and you still have your car! We had our apartment broken into once when I was there and it was completely horrible. I understand how badly this sucks. Hugs!

Genea said...

Very true!

OMG you were there?! I would have been scared to death!


Kristin said...

Yes! I was there. The short version of the story is that it was a teenager who wasn't looking to steal anything or hurt anyone. He was an autistic kid whose mom had taken him off his meds (thanks lady). He did a lot of damage to our stuff, but it was okay. We got our first dog right after. The long version of the story involves me running up stairs in a wet short nightgown with nothing on underneath and cops right behind (below) me. *head -> desk*

Genea said...

OMG! how crazy!

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