Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Beads and items just added to shops

Hello Friends, I just added new items to my shops! I am excited to offer 18" sterling silver snake chains! The chain ends are small enough to fit the loops of my pendants and other small treasures :) I finally got done with this years Easter beads! Here is a sneak peek of all of them in my drawer.
Did you see some of the new designs? Pretty sweet huh?
Here is my NEW lop eared Easter bunny in white.
New lop eared bunny in tan. This color always makes me think of the tan Hello Kitty. She is SO cute! ;)
A fuzzy chick. I think they have the cutest faces!
This design was tweaked a little from the previous design. The first design had some dots on the eggs and they just floated on the top. This year I decided they needed to be sitting in some Easter grass! There are actually polka dots under neath everything on the back side, but with all of the stuff on the front you might only just see one or two dots.

And the last two are some of my favorite NEW designs yet! I especially love the names!
Here is Chubby Bunny's butt. For some reason it loaded these pics backwards >:(Here is Chubby Bunny's front. Remember that game? Well for all of you that don't there is a game we played as kids where you stick the giant marshmallows in your cheeks and say "chubby bunny". You continue to do this with as many marshmallows as you can fit into your cheeks. The person with the most marshmallows wins! lol Isn't she CUTE?!

Here is Phat chick's butt. Cute huh? I love their little tails :D
Here is Phat Chick's front. Now before anyone gets offended the name is just for fun ;) I'm a thick girl so I can get away with it :D There is also something terrible cute about chubby beads :D When I envisioned the chick bead I really wanted to get the cute little feathers at the tops of their heads. As you can see it works best if the hole goes from side to side so that you can place the dots for head feathers right at the very top and middle of their head. SUPER CUTE!

Ok well now that you have been cuted to death by Easter beads I should be off to create!
I am working on some Beach Beads for Meant to Bead's yearly Glass Artists show at their shop. If you are in the Sun Prairie, WI area you can check out the link to their shop on my right side bar of my blog.

I have some NEW beach designs I am excited to share with you when I have a bit more beach beads to show!

Stayed tuned!

Much love,



Dorith said...

Oh Wow!! I love your easter beads!!! great job,
grt Doorith, The Netherlands

Genea said...

Hey Dorith!

Thank you! You are too sweet!

Much love,


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