Friday, March 6, 2009


Hey all,

I did things basackwards today. I made beads first before doing my listings, so if you were eagerly awaiting today's offerings the wait is over! Lots of fun Limey things today :D

I did my last run of Easter beads today. I made one multi bead set on lentils with different characters like: a bunny head, a chickie, carrot, Easter eggs and grass, and flowers.

The other mini set has: a bunny head, a chickie and Easter eggs and grass.

Oh, I also made 2 more lop eared bunny faces ;)

I am pretty happy with my productive week. I listed items and lampworked every day. I usually end up missing a day throughout the week where I don't lampwork because I went out during the day. So all around pretty cool.

We are going to our friends Jon and Steph's house tonight for burgers! Ricky made some of his awesome Quinoa salad and Potato salad! He had my taste test his potato salad when it was WARM. YUCK! I mean it tasted good, but it's supposed to be COLD! ;)

So yeah, it is another lovely 72 degree day and all of the windows are open in the house. I can feel the breeze come in the window and hear children laughing and playing outside :)

Well I should get going. I have to shower and get ready for tonight. I also have to tie up some earring pairs that I will be offering next week ;)

Have a spectacular weekend!

Much love,



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