Monday, March 30, 2009

New items on Etsy and Artfire

Hello friends,

New items are up in both shops :D

Look what popped up!

Horay! It wasn't even a week! We had little sprouts popping up after 3 days! The package said anywhere from 1-2 weeks! I am SO excited! Now if only we had little tags so we knew what was growing! LOL. We didn't get any when we got our seeds, but we figured by the time we transplanted them it would be pretty obvious what they were!

Hmmm so for todays lampworking.. I think I am going back to that lavender, lime and red color scheme.
So incase you were wondering what that color scheme would look like.. I was thinking like the red, lavender and lime heart you see in this picture of my new Passion Heart designs. These were all made with Bullseye and I am using Moretti for the set instead since BE is what I call, "watery" looking. Since their glass are Opals they are not super opaque when you pull them into stringers and melt them down.


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