Thursday, March 5, 2009

New items added to Etsy and Artfire

Hello friends,

I just added new items to Etsy and Artfire!

*sigh* It's absolutely gorgeous out today! It's an amazing 69 degrees here in Kansas City. I am finally accepting that Winter is over and that Spring is ready to awaken from it's long Winter nap. I never did get that crazy-omg-it's snowing so badly we can't go anywhere snowfall, but at least it snowed 4 days ago and stayed on the ground. I guess that will have to do for my winter fix.

The warm weather and birds singing makes me ready for spring. I can hear windchimes in the distance. It makes me want to go dig my Cheshire Cat windchime out of the garage and hang him outside my door again. I brought him in for the winter so he didn't rust. Ricky and I are going to start planting our veggies indoors so when it gets warm enough we can actually start a garden this year. I am so excited!!

I got some more Easter beads done yesterday, but I think I will still do another day or maybe two of Easter things before being done. I majorly stock piled for Halloween, and Christmas so I will be a little more conservative for Easter. Besides there are so many wonderful pastel colors to make beads out of!

Well I am off to eat my breakfast and get to making some beads so that my kiln will be done cycling by the time Ricky gets home. It is a lovely dayto take Leeloo on a walk and get out in the nice weather.

Much love,



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