Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Items up on Etsy and chatter

Hey All,

New items are up on Etsy. One of my fav things is my Cosmic Cone! I only make a couple of these and totally forgot about the design. It's a must see! Lots of cool texture and color.

I also uploaded a new peace sign design using Messy's new color Grumpy Bear! Very cool!

I made some more of those cool Dirty Martini and Sasha's silver beads. Infact, by accident I ended up making a whole collection. The only crappy thing is they are SO hard to photograph. It is almost impossible(for me ;) to capture all of the amazing "oil slicks," you see on the surface of the bead. You also have to be under super bright light to see them ;) If you are wondering about which beads I am talking you can find the heart I did with this combo in one of my past blogs.

Well I suppose I should be on my way.

Much love,



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