Saturday, March 14, 2009

D is for Desaturation!

Holy wow have I been having WAY too much fun with this new tid bit I learned from the very sweet and talented Kevan of Dancing Star Beads.

It's almost like magic. Remember those crayon things you could make where you took a bunch of different colors of crayons, colored them in any which way on paper, color over the color in black and then you could scratch out designs in color? SO MUCH FUN! This is pretty much the same way. I guess "There's an app for that", on Itouch's. It's pretty slick if you ask me! Want to see what I mean? I thought you might!
Ooooo dramatic huh? Doesn't it make everything AMAZINGLY BRIGHT? Yum! :p
WOW! Will you look at that purple? The color in these pictures was not touched up at all. The background was merely changed to black and white.
It is much less distracting in black and white than in color. Doing this really makes the beads *POP* I still like to use pics with my hands or wrists to show how items will look when worn. I think this is pretty important or well if not important just interesting :D

Well I suppose I should get to doing something with the rest of the day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,



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