Monday, March 2, 2009

Daisies and Butterflies

Hello night owls,

My beads just came out of the kiln. I made 2 super daisies and 2 butterflies. It looks like one of my daisy petals has a teeny hairline crack in it which makes it unsellable! Boo for that, but it will go to good use in my mom's bead stash. It is still totally lovely and may not ever crack across the petal all the way so it will at least be nice to wear ;)

I had my pretty pastel one turn out fine. This time I made it face sideways instead of up and down like for a pendant. The super sweet thing about this design is that it is perfectly weighted so you can wear it in either direction and have it sit perfectly!

I made 2 butterflies. I used frit on the wings for some different color, but I am VERY limited in frit. Unlike most beginners I didn't use much frit since I was on a HH and all it really did for me was burn. That could have also been because I was a nubie ;) Heh.

I think it would be fun to have some nice bright frits to add to things like the butterfly wings or daisy petals. I guess I will have to add that to my shopping list. I wish spiral dance frit was still in operation. I guess they closed up shop. I remember randomly getting an email from them one time. I guess my email popped up on some list or something so they forwarded me a newsletter or something .

I had a good time with Melissa today. We didn't get a whole lot done, but we did go out for some yummy sushi! Sushi always makes me happy! It's SO delicious!

Ricky started his xternship for school today so he was actually done with work and his xternship by 5pm! He would normally not get home from work and school until 11pm. It was so wonderful to spend the evening together and have dinner! I really missed him being gone at night. It is so much easier to have him gone during the day when I have a ton of things to do anyways ;)

Well I suppose I should go clean my beads.

Sweet dreams!

Much love,



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