Monday, March 23, 2009

New items are up on Etsy and Artfire and chatter

Hello friends,

New items are up on Etsy and Artfire. I think I will be updating Artfire a little less than my Etsy shop. Maybe 2 times a week.. like Monday and Friday.

I am totally LOVING this little set with a peace sign, heart and daisy. If you check out my sold items on Etsy you can see the pendant I made. I really LOVE they way it turned out! I need some more of those darned bells or just brass wire, brass jump rings, brass chain lol

Hmmm let's see for today... well I have 2 ideas... Maybe a set with red *shreik* yeah, I know.. RED. lol or maybe that silver glass set that I have had in my mind ever since I made that super sweet heart bead.

I dunno...

It is FREAK'IN WINDY today! OMG.. the wind is just wooshing through the windows and blowing things all over. You can hear the wind chimes in the neighbor hood going nuts! Now where the heck is that rain??

I am SUPER excited 'cause usually when we are going to get rain I am down with pressure headaches. My super amazing friend Brandon has been adjusting my back and neck and after 3 adjustments I am not getting headaches. I am hoping that this isnt' just a fluke since it's been such a short time that I have not gotten headaches from rainy weather I am afraid to claim I am cured just yet. I feel loads better though! I am trying to sit up straight and let that work he did do me some good. A lot of us bead makers and jewelry designers slump over our projects so we can stick them in our faces and see what we are doing lol

Well I suppose I should get to it. I should be seeing Melissa later. We are going to do some photographing of the lampwork tutorials today. Hopefully that will go well...

I might just see Billie and Kim today too ;) Could be an all around party lol

Have a wonderful day.

Much love,



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