Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New items on Etsy and Artfire

Hey all,

I just got some new items up on my pages.

I got a bunch of beads tied up and tagged last night. That means that now they need their glamor shots next! Wa, wa, wa wa.... lol. Na it's not too bad. It's much easier to take pictures a bunch at a time and then just edit as you go. I usually shoot the photos crop and adjust lightning and then export as I list them. It is nice to be able to just hop on and get your listing ready with your pictures mostly done. It goes WAY faster ;)

I just started doing my Easter beads. I tried out a few new design ideas and I think they will be a hit. ;) I think I have my creative pump "primed" from yesterday so the motions today will be more natural. It's always a little hard to jump back into holiday beads especially when you have some new design ideas. It's much easier the next day when you have tried out those ideas, approved them as new designs and then make more.

So incase you were wondering about the "primed pump" I was reading my Simple Abundance book this morning on "Priming your creative pump." You are supposed to form a daily ritual type thing when you go into your creative process to get yourself transitioned into creative mode. Not a bad idea. I guess I kind of already have mine ;) I get up and make my coffee, then check e-mail, and edit my listing pics and update my sites. After this I make some breakfast and then begin my lampwork session. It is much easier for me to lampwork when I am fresh at the beginning of the day. I use all of my creative energy to make my beads and then whatever "juice" is left I use for making jewelry or whatever else needs to be done. It seems like creating beads takes the most creative energy ;)

Well I suppose I have left enough for you to read today so I should get to my breakfast and beadmaking.

Have an inspiring day.

Much love,



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