Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New items on Etsy and Painting the town RED

Hello friends!

New items are up in my Etsy shop! I just listed another blooming skull daisy in RED... I know?! What has happened to me?! I guess it was a red kind of deal. I made that Passion Heart in that red, lime and lavender combo and it just really struck me visually. I actually made this blooming flower awhile back. I was going to make a ring out of it, but when the other one sold on Etsy I thought I might list this one too since it's RED and you know I don't really use red much.

I also listed a pair of earrings I had waiting to be made today! They turned out SO cute! Another red, lime and lavender combo! They are like my daisy vine design only HEARTS! Woo! I will be so excited to make the heart burst ring and heart burst wheelies pendant in those colors that has been sitting my my drawer. I need to get on Billie to come take her classes so I can get the pieces made :* Love you Billie!

So I bet you want to see how that red, lime and purple came out from yesterday huh?

Here you can see a little test bead I made before making my set. The smooshy dot bead is a base of Moretti Pea Green with Vetrofond Light Red dots. Notice how the Pea Green "swallowed" the red dots? Unfortunately the Moretti green's are notorious for eating dots. As you can see in the set below there is a lime green base with red dots and they are ROUND. How did I do it? Well... magic, of course! ;) Actually, I remembered back to my color testing for CiM Elphaba. I did a test with an Elphaba base and white dots. Their green doesn't swallow dots!! How cool! That is how I got this design to work for me! Pretty sweet huh? ;) Ugh.. I hate it when it underlines my text! Anyways.. Here you can see the sets I made with my color choice from yesterday. You proabably didn't notice, but If you look at the twisted rose bead and the green leaves you will see that they are flat instead of having a little raked line through them. Usually when you heat a small blob of glass and rake it across the surface you will get a nice leaf shape with a creased line in the middle. Since Elphaba is stiffer than Pea Green you get a nice flat leaf instead. Pretty cool ;) This set is called "Cherry Berry Blitz".Here is the second set I made called "Berry Cherry Limeade".

I also have another RED picture to share...

OUCH! See my little red burn! I touched my arm down on the rest for my kiln and got a doozy. My particualr kiln has a little fire brick shelf thingy and on the very edge and underneath is metal. Well I tapped that edge ever so slightly when I was putting my bead into the kiln! If you can't see the cute hearty font it is called "Cherie" and if you click that link you can download it for free :D I am a fontaholic too :D

I also have some little sprouty pictures to show you!!

WOAH! Go babies, go! Look at them growing!! I still have some empty guys. Hopefully they are late bloomers. I left the cover slightly off of them and paired back a few of the larger sprouts to the biggest one. I hated to pull of the smaller guys, but only one can get the grub yanno?

Well I think that is about it for today. I hope you enjoyed all of my PICTURES :D

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Emilio said...


Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Genea said...

Hi Emilio!

Thank you! :)

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