Thursday, March 5, 2009

Easter fun

So as I mentioned earlier I have been working on some Easter goodies for my shops. Unfortunately I won't be offering any of these beads in my online shops(unless you request that I make more. I do aim to please you know ;) I thought since I went totally crazy on Halloween and Christmas that maybe I made TOO many holiday things. So for Easter I toned it down a bit and just made a nice sampling for each of the stores. Unfortunately you won't be seeing those beads in this post... No.. wait.. You aren't leaving are you? I will post them when I get mom's camera back(should be this weekend sometime) ;)

I tried out a few new ideas and I think the names are TOTALLY funny, but you may not. Afterall, I have weirdest sense of humor. I really don't think all of that mainstream stuff is funny. You know all that slap stick stuff and people flailing around with some wild animal attached to their neck. Yeah, NOT funny. It's DUMB actually... So, yeah.. lol

Well that is about it. I am going to go finish stringing up my beads so that they are ready for glamor shots later.

Nighty night,



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