Monday, March 9, 2009

Google Base

What a clusterfuck! Well the hubby and I tried to get my Etsy page hooked up with Google Base. Apparently this feature puts you in a Google search by a category or you can make up a category. I used "lampwork beads." So what this service is supposed to do is take your Etsy items and make them available through a Google Search. When you log onto Google and do a search it will pull up what you requested. At the very top of the page there is a teeny blue link that says "shopping". This is what you are supposed to click and then type in "lampwork beads" for the search. Did anyone else even realize that there was a shopping like option there? I sure as hell didn't! I guess it makes searching a crap ton easier huh? So yeah, I set my Google Base to schedule new updates at 12 noon daily. This means that my newest items should shop up on Google's search at that time. The idea sounds good. I am excited to see if it works in getting the shop more sales. :D I will keep you posted on how it's working in my later blogs.

No updates today for the shops. I am waiting to buy my OWN camera. I think we are going shopping later on today if I end up getting a bead check in the mail ;) I will post when new items are up again.

Talk with you soon!

Much love,



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