Friday, March 13, 2009

New items are up

Hey all,

New items are up in my shops. This will be all of the listings for the week. I will load new items on Monday!

Oh, I didn't tell you... I FINALLY got Google Base to work! Horay! Now if only I could find my items it is supposed to have in the search. Anyone else figure that out? I did a search and couldn't find my stuff... Well never the less.. it's ACTUALLY working. *whew*

I will be photographing my beach designs and posting those later. I still need to make some more things in my beach theme,but my time is running out to get Meant to Bead some stuff for their show. I was trying to get my stuff there for their sneak peek on the 20th, but I still have more stuff to make. I wanted to make an entire lot of Beach beads, some pop ducks and some cupcakes. I spent a bit of time on new beach designs so that kind of slowed me down. I still wanted to make some surf boards, a sand pail, flip flops and that fun stuff, but I dunno...

Well I should get going. I have tons of stuff to photograph.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,



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