Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snuck out again.....

Hello friends,

New items are up on Etsy. I am particularly excited about my "Gypsy Princess" pendant. I was inspired to make it a little while back. It has patiently been sitting on my table to be photographed for a little while and I finally got it done the other day.

Yep, I did it again... I slipped off to work outdoors instead of my normal daily grind. It ended up being one of those things where you set out to do just a few things and you end up doing a ton of other stuff as well. The hubby and I ran errands again and got some more Organic dirt for our garden. I will have to take pics of it later. We have NO idea how we were supposed to plant things or which plants we have grown successfully, but heck they are out there! We put all of the viney looking ones on the outside since we figured those would take up a huge spot when they were full grown. We only got a little bit of dirt and covered half of our garden for now so we could get our little seedlings out. We figured they had a better chance outside than sitting in their little peats.

The hubby and I got our seedlings in the garden, planted our lilac bushes, planted columbines, turned the flower beads and added butterfly flower seeds, mowed the grass(where the dandilions were taking over!) and week whacked. UGH.. lots of work! We ended up being out in our yard for 3 hours! We didn't get all of our yard mowed, but we made sure to trim down the areas where the dandilions were the worst. Ricky totally cracked me up the other day... He said we should quit our job and become dandilion farmers LMAO. I guess it would be funnier if you had actually seen the yard!

We got some lovely lilac bushes and columbines from a sweet lady on freecycle. Free cycle is an area based thing on Yahoo where you can be added to an e-mail list where people are requesting and giving away things. It's kind of like Craigs list, but it comes to your inbox.

I think I am going to do another post with my pictures and color notes so this post isn't SUPER long....


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