Thursday, April 30, 2009

Health and new items

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy. I forgot how much I love fringes! In my last post you can see Kim's set of beads with the flower. She will be using that set to make a bracelet like my "Sweet Citrus" bracelet that I just listed on Etsy. I still have to make some beads for my teaching bracelet(the bracelet that I will make to show Kim how to make hers).

I am eagerly awaiting my postmaster today. He should have some presents for me!! :D He was SUPER late yesterday and didn't even come until 3pm. Boo! When I first moved into our house we got mail at like 9:30am. I was so excited because I don't usually wake up until at least 10am, so that meant that mail would already be here by the time I woke up.

So I suppose you are wondering about the health part of this post right? Well since I posted a ton yesterday I thought I would leave this part of the post for today. After Ricky got back from his 5 day testing and boot camp for personal training he came home with a lot of new health tips. Some of this stuff will totally scare you!

Did you know that your tap water contains 4-5 different type of Estrogen mimicers(This is what causes us so much trouble when we are trying to lose weight, ladies!!)? Yep, and NO water filters can filter them out. The molicules are so tiny that they can slip through ALL filters. How do you protect yourself from ingesting all of the extra hormones? Well you can buy distilled water and add minerals(DISTILLED WATER IS TOXIC ON IT'S OWN! BE SURE TO ADD PROPER MINERALS BEFORE DRINKING!), or you can get a reverse osmosis filter put in your home for about $1,500 which will filter all of the water in your home from your bath to your drinking water.

Ricky and I opted for buying distilled water and adding minerals. You can buy the minerals is most health/organic sections of your grocery store. Ours were $16 dollars and it will treat up to 96 gallons of water. You know I feel a lot better since we switched our drinking water. I don't know if it's partly because I know I am doing something healthy for my body or if it is really making me feel that much better.

Here is another scary one... Did you know that they have found trace amounts of MERCURY in HIGH FRUCTOSE CORNSYRUP? Did you know that ASPERTAME kills your Hypothalamus gland(this is the gland in your brain that regulates mood and weight)! Scary huh? If you are not a label checker you probably have not noticed that HFC is in EVERYTHING! Aspertame is in those diet sodas you have been sipping down as well! Yikes! So needless to say we are cutting out anything with aspertame. We have already been on the look out for HFC already.

Luckily the health world has found a new answer to sweetness. There is a liquid they have extracted from a plant called Stevia. Just 2 drops equal the sweetness of one teaspoon of sugar. I am actually drinking it in my coffee right now. Not too shabby ;)

We also got cocunut oil for cooking and for our body. It is amazing what you can use coconut oil for. Not only can you cook with it, but you can put it on your skin and in your hair.
We used it in place of oilve oil for our cooking and it does a great job of keeping everything wet(for lack of a better description). If you cook with butter or even oilve oil you will notice that you still have to add more of them to keep everything somewhat coated so it doesn't stick to your pan. You know it's only $5 for a jar of organic coconut oil? Pretty cheap huh?

So why am I telling you all of this? Well Ricky and I are working on being as healthy as we can possibly be, and I don't think the average person realizes all of the yuck they put in our food and body products. I also thought I would post this so I could tell you how it is effecting us so that you might like to try these things as well.

We are also visiting our chiropractor at least once weekly to align our spines. This is another something that people don't really know helps all sorts of health problems. Remember in my posts when I said I was out with a helatious pressure headache? My spine adjustments are fixing my headaches!!! I don't know if many of your out there suffer from pressure headaches like I did, but they are down right AWFUL! You just have to crawl to your bed and sleep them off with meds. No fun at all!

Well I hope you found this information to be helpful. I really would love to help the people around me get healthy. Ricky and I plan to be rockin' old hippies that will live long fruitful lives so we can really get in some good years with our grandchildren(after we have our own kids, of course ;) I mean seriously... who wants to have bottles and bottles of medications in their cabinets anyways? Not me!

Take good care :)

Much love,



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