Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New items up on both sites and some talk

Hello Friends,

Well I got hit with a cold late Sunday evening, but fortunately I got LOTS and Lots of sleep! That is one of the best things to overcome sickness. My hubby was awesome and went out and got me all kinds of sicky foods and medicine :)

I got some new stuff up in my shops! I am SUPER EXCITED about my SUPER set of Happy Candy beads! I did another set, which I will post on here as soon as I get a chance. I am thinking I may do a few more sets in this style before moving on to something else. I think I might try a few more color palettes. Not everyone is into brights like me, but they should be! ;)

I will also get those color study pics cropped down and give you some info on my discoveries here in a second. I wanted to get a few things done like getting some stuff up in my shops and I think I am going to attempt making some beads today too. I should take it easy since I JUST got sick the other day, but we will see how far I get.

Well I suppose I should get a move on.

Much love,



nono said...

مدونتك رائعه بل فوق الرائعه وننتظر المزيد ارجوا زياره مدونتى

Genea said...

Nono, I can't read this can it be translated into English??

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