Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New items up on Etsy

Hello friends!

New items are up in my Etsy shop!

Lots of wonderful pinks and purples today! Super lustrous transparents too! These 2 new items would go super sweet with the hot pink lentils and lime spots and the super amazing eye bead I have already listed in my shop.

Hmm.. that just gave me an idea.. So do you think it might be nice to see things in a grouping that would go together from other items in my shop? Did that just get totally confusing... Let me try again... Ok so I would have the "wow" pic(this is the close up with the gradient) and maybe a 4 block gb pic(cause it's super visual and that would only take up 2 out of 5 pics) and then maybe a shot of the new bead or whatever with other items in my shop that would go together? Hmmm.. might be cool.

I am visual so I like lots of pictures. It's funny I watched "Thank You Ffor Smoking" last night and the main character had some statistic that was something like 75% of people are visual over text so adding a picture to their cigarettes would attract more people.

I made a few beads yesterday that have a red brown base and "doodle" heart, daisy and peace signs on them in pink, lime green and aqua. I also made spacers that were that same brown with all of those colored polka dots on them. I didn't photograph them yet, but I can do that later ;)

I am not sure what is on the agenday for today, but I am feeling better this morning than I was yesterday.

I really should get on some beads where I can use one of my fab new buttons. I guess I just have not come up with the color palette yet.

Well I suppose I should finish up my cup of coffee and get a move on.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



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