Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New items on Etsy

Hello friends,

New items are up on Etsy. I am happy to be offering a keychain again. It's been ages since I offered one. They are such a pretty addition to your keys;) Would you believe I have not made one for myself? Maybe I better get on it huh? ;)

I have also offered a teeny heart pendant in soft pastel colors. It's so cute ;)

Well how can I top my last entry huh? I am still amazed by those buttons! I can't wait to make more today!!

I had a few more ideas bounce around in my head about how to tweak the design and see what I get. I hope they work out. It's always more exciting that way when you have an idea and it comes out even more amazing that you pictured it in your head. It's so cool to visualize something and make it real. I don't know if that is exciting for anyone else, but I love it :D

Well I suppose I should get to it!

Have a lovely day!

Much love,



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