Thursday, April 9, 2009

New on Etsy and thoughts...

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy. Fire related items today. I don't know if this appeals to everyone since everyone doesn't make beads and have an obsession with fire like I do, but maybe there are some pyro's out there ;)

Let's see.. what else is new... Well I have managed to survive without my hubby being here all week. Today feels nice and relaxed because I know it's the last day before he comes home tomorrow. I am praying and sending him positive thoughts as he prepares for his test today. It really is a landmark for us. This whole year he has been studying to get his certificate and now it's finally the time for his testing.

We are really excited that he will be starting a new chapter in his life and not only that, but a new chapter in ours. He will finally be able to start working in his passion, which I have been so fortunate to be doing for the last year because of him :) Not only will he be happier doing what he loves, but this will give us some financial freedom as well and I am really looking forward to that ;)

What am I up to today? You know.. I really have NO idea. ugh... I had some black and white all ready yesterday and that wasn't jiving with me so I switched to orchid, coral and lime green and did a few experiments on color and pulled stringers and the like. After all that I was pretty much "over it" and decided to just stop for the day. Boo on that :( I did find some things out though and learning can be chalked up to being productive right?

Ok so here is what I learned. When you later colors with different transparents and opaques you can get some lovely color combos that don't come in stock colors. I have also found out that when you do the same layering it doesn't come out the same if you flatten them into a lentil shape. It seems like a round bead with layers seems to blend more evenly than when you flatten it. It seems like when you flatten it the layers of color are more apparent. This is more of the case when mixing transparent and opaque glass. Using layers of transparents and flattening them they tend to blend more flawlessly. So I hope this little tid bit gets you thinking and helps you with some ideas that have been bouncing around your head.

Well I am off to create. It's rainy today which usually makes for a wonderfully creative day.

Much love,



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