Friday, April 10, 2009

New items up on Etsy and AF and stuff

Hello Friends!

New items are up on Etsy and Artfire. I was excited to offer the rainbow gobstopper heart. It is SO pretty! I know I would be excited if that came in a candy wrapper and I could eat it :D

I made some AWESOME beads yesterday. The bad news is that I didn't photograph them. I am still trying to decide if I want to offer the set with a new button clasp. That would be exciting to get a set of beads that even had a clasp right? This new set with a clasp would be super sweet to offer up in a challenge to see what people make out of it. I really like to see what people end up making with my beads. So if you are out there and you have purchased beads from me send me some pictures!! :)

I might just keep working in the colors on my table. I dunno. I am thinking I want to make a special button clasp for this set and it is SO cool that maybe I should make another set in those colors.

Are you dying to know what is in the set? Ok... well I will give you some info. The colors are ultra bright lime, coral(duh), orchid, bluish green, pink, super firey orange and layered colors so the color is kind of different depending on how you look at it. I made round beads, lentils and shapes too!

Now how does one make a set like this and keep everything straight? Well I have a notebook that I write in while I work to remember just what it is that I have in the kiln for a couple of reasons. You know when you make those amazing beads and then you can't remember what the hell you used?! Yeah, it's for that and it's also for keeping track of what colors I used with what so I can make sure to keep my set balanced in color. I also keep my notebook for things I figure out while I am working. Like something I figured out that would be helpful to remember for next time I am making a bead in that style or whatever..

Now that I am thinking about it, I think I will blog about some of my discoveries on different things that worked, things that didn't and how you can never judge a rod by it's color.

Well I must go and create!

I am really excited 'cause Ricky comes home today! I never knew 5 days could be SO long ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,



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