Sunday, April 5, 2009

Button pictures!!

Here are the Retro daisy buttons. I did a few sets in this style on lentils and totally loved them. So I had to make some clasps as well :D
Peace Daisy buttons! I just got SO many ideas while I was making buttons. Since I had been doing a lot of peace themed stuff I thought it was only fitting to make some buttons too. I am really pleased with the way they turned out!
Lovie buttons! This is what I call my dog, Leeloo. I forget exactly where "lovie buttons" came from, but I think my mom called us that at one point ;)
Freckled Daisy buttons. This was actually the second design just elaborating on the first design which was the "chubby bubble daisy" buttons.
Flutterby buttons! It just seems like the shape of having a flat area to work on lends itself to so many possibilities.
Fire button! Being a lampworker I am obsessed with fire. I thought it was only fitting to make a little flame button. Maybe some lampworker will be it's new owner or just someone that likes fire ;)
Eye buttons! Ok.. so you knew I would find a way to make eyes work right?! ;)
Emo Skull Flower buttons! Using this nice flat daisy shape gives a nice canvas for designs. Since I was kind of on a skull kick with the blooming skull daisies I thought skull buttons would be sweet as well!
Chubby bubble Daisy buttons! This was the very first button design I made and the others followed. It's so cool to see the original design and see how much it changed as I got more ideas ;)So what do you all think of my new 4 block style bead display image? I guess I have always been obsessed with pop things and they are usually in blocks of 4. I think this turned out really cool. I like to see all the angles of the bead in one picture :D I am so excited to finally have Photoshop so I can do cool things like this ;)

Well I think that will be all for this entry. I hope your hungry eyes are full of ideas ;) You can expect to see some of these items on Etsy next week!

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