Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow! Hello everyone!

So I just got Google Analytics for my Etsy and Artfire page. This service is free and it tracks the traffic on your site. It tells you how long people spent on your page, from what contries people have visited, how many visits were new and things like that.

I am so excited to know that with the internet I am reaching people as far as Europe and Australia!

I don't know if you all knew, but when I found lampworking as my passion I decided that I would indeed be famous. When I recieved compliments on my work I would always tell people this. Since glass is my passion I wanted to make it my job and be known all around the world for my work. I had a friend Eric that I knew in highschool and I remember this part of our conversation very well.. He was telling me that one of his fears was that after he had died and after his family had died that he would be forgotton. This conversation didn't really strike me until later. I realized how to be imortal... If you are talked about in books people will never forget you. I don't think books will ever be gone. So eventhough this was never my fear it was something neat that I realized... After I am gone I will still be able to reach out to people through writings in books and my art pieces. Did you ever think about the life of a bead? Say that you buy a bead. You love it, you make it into something and maybe you have a friend or child that you give the necklace to, and then maybe they have a friend or a child or a relative and then get this piece of jewelry... and maybe they give it someone else and then this original bead was made into something that many have loved and passed on to people they have loved and this one bead has travelled to many places and been loved by many people. What a wonderful way to touch people's lives *has warm fuzzies* I am very excited to share my passion and art with you all. It's all so exciting isn't it? Maybe I am having these deeper thoughts and appreciation since I am reading Simple Abundance. It really is a wonderful book for women that helps you better get to know and appreciate the simple things in life. It teaches you to find what you love in life and to grasp onto it tightly. I would highly recommend this book. I feel that after this year I will have gained much knowledge and wisdom from this book :D

Well I should get going. The hubby and I are going on a creative trip to look at and enjoy the world around us.

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Lone, Maarslet, Denmark said...

Your blog has reached me, and I´m from Denmark, Europe. One of your beads has yet to reach me, but hey, maybe some day.
Love, Lone, Maarslet, Denmark, Europe.

Genea said...

Hello! Thanks for writing. I am excited that you have found my page. I hope you are enjoying my posts :) I hope one of my beads makes it to you as well!

Much love,


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