Friday, February 6, 2009

New on Etsy and Artfire

Hey Everyone!

Goooooooooosh! I was busy today.. I played taxi driver lol. My dad and brother needed rides all over to sort out their car situations. I spent most of the day driving around. I got like jack and or shit done today :( I did get some new items listed on Etsy and I just listed some new things onto Artfire. Man, does it take FORVER to get things listed! You know sometimes I can't think of great descriptions. Maybe I should just give the stats and tell you that it is AWESOME and you need it? That would be a whole hell of a lot easier! ;)

Did I tell you I finally ran out my propane tank that I filled back in August? It is SO awesome to be working on a minor with a bulk propane tank. I spent about 4 years of my lampworking career using a hot head with 1lb. MAPP cylinders! OMG, not only does it suck to make beads since it's so slow on HH, but it's SO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE, the tanks only last about 4 hours, and it pollutes the planet with those stupid canisters that you have to take to HAZMAT. Yuck!

I won't get to making beads tomorrow since I will be hanging out with Stephanie so I thought I woudl get some things listed. I think I will list some new things on Etsy so be checking for that tomorrow.

Ok I think I need to get to bed.

Sweet dreams to you...

Much love,



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