Monday, February 23, 2009

New items just added to Etsy and Artfire

*whew* just got done adding some new goodies to my shops. I borrowed my mom's camera again to shoot the pics. It's funny how I hated her camera and then finally realized how to take amazing pictures. It took me WAY less time to shoot and edit pics this time. I have also decided not to add "fluff" to my descriptions. Sometimes it's difficult to come up with these amazing descriptions and not have everything sound the same. So I have decided just to "state the facts". I mean if you really like the beads you aren't going to not buy them because you didn't like the description right?

I guess this is a good opportunity to ask you all your opinions on the subject. I will offer anyone who participates to receive a $5 off Genea Beads gift certificate. You can only receive one gift certificate per person. Please feel free to leave me comments and if you don't want them posted you can just e-mail me with your reply's at This will be extremely helpful to me so that I can make and list things that you all will like. Ok so here we go...

1. Which would you purchase more of beads or jewelry?

2. What style of beads would you prefer? round beads? sculptural beads? lentils? holiday beads?

3. When shopping for beads do you really like "fluff" descriptions or do you just want to know the stats?

4. How often should someone update their shop? Daily? Every couple of days? weekly?

5. Do you check shops daily to see what new goodies people have added?

6. What would you perfer to read about in blogs? updates? general every day stuff? stuff only about glass or beads?

7. Is it helpful or annoying to read when new things are listed in blogs?

8. What other suggestions or comments do you have that you think might be helpful?

Those are the only things I can think of at the moment...

Thanks for your help.

Much love,



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