Saturday, February 28, 2009

More flowers and a butterfly

Hello friends, I thought you might like to share my excitement with me. I made some more Super Daisies and I made a new butterfly! I made the butterfly especially for my friend Melissa. She LOVES butterflies and peace signs, so I combined both! :D

Here are the new daisies with the first white one. You know I just HAD to use some super bright colors!
Here you can see them in my hand as a reference. They are about 2" across and up and down and they are like 55mm or something like that. Nutty huh?!
Here is Melissa's Flutterby. She told me NOT to use orange(it's her fav color) so I was kind of at a loss. I used some Yellow Apricot though so it's kinda orange/yellowish ;)
Here are all of them together. I think I am totally going to have to make more of the butterflies! The only problem is that since they are SO amazingly HUGE they take up a ton of space in my kiln so I can't make a ton of them. They also totally fry me out since they take a ton of crazy needing 8billion hands and they need to stay warm all over so you don't lose any petals or wings! Needless to say I am totally stressed out by the time I am done completing one ;)

Well I thought you might just like to see some new beads without an announcement of shop updates. I also thought it might be nice for a little chatter as well ;)

Well I should be off to bed.

Sweet dreams.



KittsKrafts said...

Very nice! I especially like the daisy with the clear petals. Maybe they will get easier to make after you make a few more.

Genea said...

Thanks! I sure hope so! ;)

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