Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Super, Happy fun day

So I am really excited to work on some projects today! I am psyched about the beads I made! I even used RED! For all of you that know me you know that I pretty much HATE red. Why? Well for starters it looks like crap on me since I have red hair. Pretty much the only red I can wear is that dark scarlet color. Secondly, red isn't as versatile as some colors like greens that can pretty much go with ANY color. Why did I go to the dark side? Well... I have noticed that red is a pretty bold color. It is actually kinda cool with some other colors since it is pretty intense and well a lot of people like red. I will post pics later so you can see what I made ;)

I just listed one item real quick on Artfire. I don't know if I will get more updating done today, but at least I got one thing up ;)

Well I had better get going. I have to go drop off Kim's beads! What was that? You wanted to see them? OK ;)

Kim's beads were actually a remake in different colors of the original set I made for Billie. This set is called " Everything but the Kitchen Sink". This set was made to kind of have a one of everything set.
Above is Billie's set.Here is Kim's set. Isn't it amazing how different they look by changing a few colors? Kim is more of a jewel tones and pastel girl and Billie is a lover of Pink, Lime and Coral, and well me... I like BRIGHT! ;)

Ok gotta go!

Go forth and be creative...

Much love,



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