Monday, February 9, 2009

What the jigga?

Has this happened to anyone else? Below are pictures of a Bullseye heart I was working on. The base is Salmon Pink and the flames are Neo Lavender.
Ok as you can see I got a ton of devit. I think this happened because the pink glass got too cold when I was working on the purple flames. It seems like this color doesn't want to get cold at all sort of like EDP. The only difference is that you can't get all of that devit off by making it hot again. Maybe it has to be molten hot again to get rid of it? That is a bit of a challenge if you are working on different parts of the bead....

Ok incase you are wondering about my working enviornment I am using a Nortel minor with a 5lpm oxy con and propane. I used an oxidizing flame since it seems to me that BE likes to be really hot and in a very clean flame.

Why does this always happen with pinks?! In my opinion it's like one of the most coveted colors for beads, and not many manufacturers can seem to make them or make them easy to use. I think BE did the best job of getting more opaquish pinks than most of the glass peops out there. I mean they have an opaquish magentay color and that is pretty cool.

I know I'd like to do some more pop arty beads with an opaque hot pink, bright orange, aqua and lime green. BE pretty much has all of these colors. I really like their color palette since they make a lot of BRIGHT SATURATED colors. These are my favorites! The only downside is that they aren't compatible with all of the other manufacturers :( I guess you can't have it all right?

Hmmm well anyways this is my latest dilemma. I wrote to the experts- Stephanie Sersich, Michele Goldstein and Cassie Donlen. I hope they have some advice for me. I will keep everyone posted when I get their responses. Please feel free to comment if you can figure out my problem ;) It would be greatly appreciated :D


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