Monday, February 9, 2009

New items on Etsy and Artfire

*Whew* got it done! I finished uploading items to Artfire this morning. I got my Etsy items listed last night at like 1:30am.

I need to get my butt downstairs to make some beads before Melissa gets over today. We really need to get some stuff done. Hopefully she will get out of work on time so we can really make some accomplishments today.

It was wonderful and rainy this morning, but the sun has decided to peek it's face out of the clouds. Supposedly we are getting a thunderstorm. I am pretty excited for this, but I swear they can never get the weather right!

I think I am going to make some more Passion hearts today since I got like 10 new BE colors :D The stained glass store in our area is clearing their BE stock out so I got rods for 50% off! Since I want to have a better selection I think I might try to get one of everything they have while they are on sale :D We will see how far I get ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Toodle loo...

Much love,



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