Monday, February 16, 2009

Just listed on Etsy!

Hey everyone,

Yeesh! I had a helluva time trying to photograph stuff yesterday. My mom's camera was giving me hell. I then, for some reason, decided to use the camera on the tripod... OMG... *hangs head* The pictures were SO clear. I mean they were hardly pixely at all. If you check out my listings on Etsy, those are the pics I took with mom's camera on a tripod. So the first time I took pictures yesterday they took me forever. After using the tripod the pictures only took me like 10mins and they are WAY better. UGH! Why did it take me until now to figure this out?!

Anyways, new things are listed on Etsy.

It's a busy Monday as always. I guess even if you work for yourself you can't escape the Monday crazies of being super busy to start out the week.

Melissa is coming over today. I am not sure what our agenda is.

I have a few orders to make as well.

Well I had better get going.

Happy Monday!

Much love,



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