Monday, February 2, 2009

Made contact again!

Ok so if you have been following my blog you may know that I have been trying to make it into the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee, WI USA. This is a HUGE show with lots of opportunites. It is one of my dreams to make it to this show. I have been on the wait list for a year and this will be the second year I am trying to get in. I made contact again with Linda Kolatz who is in charge of getting the vendors all assigned in their spots for the show. She told me that more spots opened up and that it looked like she would have a 5X10 booth for me this year! She it will still take a few more weeks to get the show floor all finished and that she would get in contact with me. I don't know if I should start celebrating and working my butt off now of if I should be calm and not celebrate until I get that final call. It seems like if you celebrate too soon it curses that and then things fall through. So I think I will stay the safe route and just wait calmly until I get the final call. I will just try to start working my butt off making beads and things cause you know it wouldn't hurt to have a ton of stuff for you all anyways right?!

In other news Melissa is coming over today and we are going to do some shooting of the swirly lentil tutorial for our snowflake pattern. The instructions and sample project have already been made. I am really excited to get get some photos done! After we do that I am going to work on the text part of the tutorial and that would mean we will have completed out first collaborative project and pattern! How exciting!!

I suppose I should get a snap shot of Melissa so you can see the person I am always talking about in my listings ;)

Maybe she will even let me snap a few shots of our new collaborative flower design! Well I need to get going. I have a TON of stuff to do today. I will be adding new items to Etsy and Artfire today so be sure to check those out!

Much love,



KittsKrafts said...

I hope you get good news and make it in the show this year. I am hoping to visit there this year. Couldn't fit in my schedule last year.

Genea said...

Thank you! I hope so too ;) I would be super excited! Well if I get in you should stop by my booth :D

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