Thursday, October 2, 2008

Genea Beads update

So it's been awhile since I added new items to my Etsy store. I was going to totally delete most of what I had in there and start fresh, but Ricky told me I should just leave it all in there. I thought about maybe adding new things and when I was done delete older items and then it dawned on me that people will be starting to think about Christmas soon. So... I will just be adding new items and maybe retaking pictures of the older items. I finally have a tripod so I will be able to take no flash photos of all of the stuff that likes to glare on white. I think I am going to retake anything that was photographed on my gray beadmat. I think the beads just look better on white an then everything will be uniform. Ahhh uniform ;)

I have a ton of stuff sitting on my bead studio table waiting to be made into jewelry. I have an order and just another fun thing on which to work.

I have one more run of color comparisons to do and then I am done! Woo hoo! I didn't make the deadline of the end of Sept, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. I was out yesterday due to a massive pressure headache. The temp dropped drastically and I think there were a bunch of allergens in the air! YUCK! :(

I will probably make some focals with the new Messy color Ming and maybe some with Pulsar. I am told the color page needs some beads since it's naked. We can't have that you know! I have been thinking of some designs in my head. I STILL have not gotten around to make some magic beads with Messy Stone Ground and Moretti Opal Yellow!

I made one test bead with stone ground to see the difference and have not gotten to get back to it since I have been so busy with the show and other stuff. That is on my list of things to make too. I will probably make some things in purple since Messy has made a shit ton of purples and I am pretty sure that people really LOVE purple.

I also need to jump start some X-mas stuff and then go back to fall. People are ALWAYS ahead of the seasons. I am just trying to enjoy fall! I really want to make some scarves with beads on the fringe this year. It just doesn't seem like there is time for everything huh? Ashley come make some scarves with me!

I have been making myself cups of hot tea in the evening since it's been so awesomely fallish outside :D I still need to get some Chai tea too! Lucas are you going to come have some Chai with me?

Ok... I guess I should shut up now... LOL. I have to go to the the store anyways and get Leeloo some more food ;)



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