Friday, October 10, 2008

Thunder in paradise

*sigh* Well I went to take pictures of my snow people and my camera took a nose dive off of the tripod onto my hard wood floor. Need I say more?..... The lens is now jammed and it will just turn on enough to turn itself back off. I tried not to panic as my camera is part of my livelyhood and my business. I went to the store to track down a screwdriver small enough to unscrew the teeny tiny screws they use to put the camera together. Why they don't make tools to fit these tiny screws is beyond me. I went to Walmart and then do CVS and finally got a hold of the tiniest eyeglass screwdriver I could find. It wasn't a phillip's like my screws but it worked like a dream. I unscrewed my camera and opened it up. Yup.. still broken. I had hoped there was just some little thingie jammed that I could magically fix but alas THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY. So my dear friends if you would send a little prayer my way or send some good vibes that would be super appreciated.(yes the text is blue cause I am sad :'( )


Feiticiera said...



You can borrow mine if you want until you get a new one...

Genea said...

*hugs* Thanks for letting me borrow your camera. It only took me a ton of button pressing to figure out how to take pics on the damn thing! My stupid computer doesn't have the necessary drivers to upload the pics onto my machine. I am seriously buying a new camera as soon as humanly possible!

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