Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look what we did!

Here is a long angle shot of all of our pendants. Mine is the farthest left, then Billie's and then Kim's on th end. Pretty huh?
Here is a shot from above.

Billie and Kim came over and I taught them to make these pendants above. We had a really great time! I am totally in love with this new c-lon color called "cinnamon". It's the color I used on my pendant. I think it's almost kind of pumpkin colored. I would have called it"pumpkin spice, " or something. Anyways, it's a cross between orange and brown. VERY COOL! Thanks to Billie for giving me her newly purchased spool!

Billie and Kim, Thanks for everything! I had a wonderful time! Thanks for supporting me in all I do :)

Oh, I suppose I should show you all the pics of the newest beads I am totally in love with. We all had to have a set. I ended up making these lentils with the newest batch of Red Roof Tile that is almost kind of yellowy and orange with Raku and Silvered Ivory stringer. They turned out so GORGEOUS!

Here is Billie's set. It is entitled "Cave Magic."
Kim's set, "The Hunter." Her set has been put in etching acid to give it that ancient cave wall feel.Here is mine. "What Lies Beneath." I titled mine this because I did a design in Silvered Ivory first and then did the Raku design on top. Way cool.

You can't completely see all of the detail in the pics on the blog, but these beads are AMAZING! There is such a nice reaction between the Silvered Ivory and Red Roof Tile!

I think I am going to take some more pics today and add some more goodies to my Etsy. Be sure to check that out later!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,



Feiticiera said...

very nice :)

Genea said...

They look even better in person!

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