Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Spider and Genea beads update

Look who came to visit my porch this morning! I will leave you with a link to find out a little more about Garden Spiders

I am really excited that one came to visit me again. I have not seen one in years. When I lived at my parent's house I had one camp out across my above ground basement window. Her web took up almost the whole length of the window. I went outside to shoo her away and then was so amazed by her that I left her alone. One stormy night came about a month later and she was gone :(

More later.... my chef(the hubby) has just prepared breakfast for me!

Yes, Christmas stuff ALREADY.... There are people out there that like to stay ahead of the seasons so I am starting a few early X-mas things like snowpeople :) Have to be PC right? lol

Some earmuff girls and boys.
"Holly" and "Rosie". White isn't really so fun to photograph :(

I have also added more items to my Etsy shop. You can click on the cool widget at the top of the page to get there. I will be adding tons of stuff over the next few weeks.

Oh yeah, I am FINALLY adding more pics to my Flickr page. You can get to it by the cool slide show on the right side of the page. I filled up my 200 pic limit and you have to pay after that. It's $24.99 a year. Anyone want to buy me a membership for this year? lol. I went through and deleted 22 pics so I could add some new photos. When I get a membership you can expect to see new pics often. Well I am going to get going so I can finishe updating Flickr.

Ta ta....


Ashley said...

I'm in love with those snowmen with the scarves!! That spider is gigantic... not a fan lol

Genea said...

Thanks. They made me think of you when I was making them ;)

Yeah, she is large. She is harmless though. She is a tough cookie too. I noticed she is missing leg. It's kinda neat because she will be my porch spider until the first frost kills her. I guess they pick a home and then stay there.

dramaqueentracy said...

the spider is scary but the snowman lives on in south georgia. thanks so much.

Genea said...

Hey girl! Glad to hear your snowman got to you ok! Thanks for my gift! You are too sweet! So when are you moving to MO? :D

My spider is gone :( I lost her after a rainstorm.

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